Genuine features and character

The breed was bred up for big game hunting (wild boars, puma, wild fox, etc.)

Its general appearance is of strenght, force and energy with a compact figure and robust muscular development, that highly contrast with its mild and gentle expression. Its body is pefectly balanced; with straight front legs and well arched robust hindquarters, curved for the long run: strong and muscular neck, the tail thick, gradually coming to a point and naturally fallen towards the hock joint, in the whole, it must represent power, resistance and a great physical fora but also an agile and good runner dog. It is a mesomorphy or normotype and in it a macrothalic without reaching gigantism.

The judge must pay particular attention to the height and the broadness of the chest.

Height from 63 to 70 cm. in the males and 60 to 63 cm. in the bitch. In the author's last book he makes it cleat that in requiring the recognizement of the breed. I gave 65 cm. as a maximun height, so as to give an idea of its soma ... only in an enunciative way ... and not in a rigid way ... an adult male with less than 63 cm., must be desquolified as well as a bitch less than 60 cm. While selecting in a group of good exemplars, the judge must incline itself towards the highest dog provided its conformation is simetric and harmonic in the whole.

Conformation of the body:

The proportion between the height and lengh is approximately 2/3 (unto the tail's insertion)

A mesophorme and macrothalic.

Working dog: Used for big game hunting, guardian, blind leader and field work.

Description of the whole
a)Viewed from above or sideways the proportion of the head is about 1/3 of the distance between the occiput and the tail´s insertion, furthermore the widht and lengh of the skull and the muzzle must be similar. The head's profile is convex-concave.

b)Skull: solid and massive, broad between ears, convexed sideviewed and with pronounced relieves caused by the insertion of the masticator and neck muscle, in one word a typical head of a masticator dog.

Mesophalic type.

Stop: Slightly angulated.

Muzzle: same lengh of the skull. The tip's profile is slightly concave upwardly like that of a "scenting dog". That is,it possesses a masticator skull with a marked relieve of the muscle insertion and a scentive muzzle, which scents up in the air. The zigomathic arches must be strong, prominent and bony so as to be able to give strong insertion to the masseteric fossa there is a nodule formation characteristic of the strong bite. Another well developed muscle is the temporal wich contributes to the convexity of the skull.

Nose: Black. Broad nostrils.

Lips: Should fit tightly and evenly, free bordered-black coloured. Side-viewed they must cut in a right-angle under the muzzle, but not hang. The top lip must be short to permit additional breathing when biting firmly.

Teeth: good implantation, big in size. Without prognatism. "I consider more important the homogeneity of the dental archades and the lack of caries than the number of molars and estimate the existence of prognatism when both rows of front teeth do not touch each other.

Eyes: Dark or hazel coloured. Eyelids cloaked with black or light borders.

Well separated, bright and intelligent but harsh look at the same time.
"Light eyes or of different colour have to be disquolified".

Ears: Over the top of the head. Triangular in shape, cut short and must stand erect. Long ears represent a great disadvantage to the big game hunting dog. Any injury would be very painfull. "I want to make it clear that "cut" does not mean "mutilation" of the ears. The lack of pavilium could bother correct hearing.


Profile: Strong, graceful.

Lenght: Keeps harmonyt with the body.

Form: Arched

Skin: Very thick in the troat, wrinkles similar to those of Bull Mastiff, or Bull dogs and not stiff like in the Bull Terrier.


General aspect: top line.

Withers: Smooth because the powerfull neck muscles covers it completely, whereas in its insertion head-neck forms an arch (it becomes confused with the curved line in the skull´s convexity).

Back: High, very strong with great muscular relieves.

Croup: The vertebral column is higher in the back slightly drooping towards the croup. (In adult dogs if the back and kidneys are well developed, side-viewed the spine muscles insertion produce great relieves simulating a side-saddle.

Chest: Very wide and deep, diving a feeling of great lung capacity. Front-viewed, the brisket must go under the elbow. Of great importance to the breed. Ribs. Well arched.

Stomach and Flanks: The stomach lines blends into a curve to the rear. Side-viewed the thorax must go under the elbows.

Large and thick, must not surpass the hock joint, at rest or walking should fall naturally; when excited, running or fighting slightly curved upwardly (saber-like) and constantly waging it as showing happiness, never too curved.

Front Legs
Straight, strong. Short fingers and set together. "The lengh of the fingers according to the hands, well padded, very rough skin with callousness which will permit long running on hard or stony soil without harm".

A greater bending of the shoulder blade is considered convenient.

Hind Legs
Strong muscular thighs, short hock, closed fingers, no aberrant fingers. Good angulations, bearing in mind they propel force and velocity and sustenance during the fight. (Id. Id. p. 148).

Any type of pace could be allright although walking is prefered.

Light coloured, slightly pleated on the base of the lower jaw.

Short, soft and thick.

White. Any coloured spot in the hair must be considered an atavistic character and hence should be disquolified. "Although dark spots in the head need not be disquolified, but in a selection between two similar exemplars, the whole white must be preferred. Whereas any spot in its body is sufficient motive por disquolification.

Light coloured eyes, deafness, hair spots in the body, long hair, white nose or whith more than two thirds of white, overshot or undershot, fallen lips, greyhound like head, long ears or extremely short, male under 63 cm. in height and female under 60 cm. More than one big dark spot in the head, any physical disproportion.

The aberrant finger substract points but doesn't lead to disquolification.